How do I Write a Term Paper in Biology?

Biology is the study of life and living things. So, when writing a paper about biology, you will have plenty of options for topics, as we are constantly surrounded by life. Consider what aspect of life interests you. Do you like the study of bugs? The study of earth? Perhaps, the study of the human body? Foremost, when writing a paper in biology is important to pick a subject with plenty of research, format properly and provide engaging data.

  • Subject with Research
  • When writing a term paper in biology, you may be tempted to write about something cutting edge and unknown. For instance, writing about the most recent and compelling cancer treatment could be very interesting, but finding enough research to write a full-length term paper may be difficult. A topic similar to -this that would make a better term paper is the effects of modern cancer treatments on the human body. This topic is rooted more in the topic of biology, and will have a ton of research. It is broad enough to yield research, but specific enough to be interesting.

  • Format Properly
  • Another key to a successful biology term paper is proper formatting. Most research papers use APA as the formatting guideline, but make sure to double check with your instruction sheet or professor. The difference between MLA formatting and APA formatting are mostly aesthetic, but it is important to know which you are working with. Your biology paper should pose a hypothesis or theory in the introduction. The introduction should also outline how you intend to prove or disprove the hypothesis made. Follow an APA guide to lead you through the proper formatting for the introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and reference page of the paper.

  • Provide Engaging Data
  • After picking a strong topic, and properly organizing/formatting your paper—the last most important key to writing your biology term paper is to provide engaging data. While this is not a requirement of the paper, providing your reader with engaging data like charts, statistics, and other scientific tables will make for the best biology paper possible. This data will strongly support whatever deduction or conclusion you are making, as well as affirm any of the readers’ questions.

By selecting your topic carefully, properly formatting, and providing engaging data, your biology term paper will be successful. Use these tips for your next biology term paper!

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