How to write your first biology research paper and get an excellent grade

When it comes to writing research papers, most students learn how to write persuasive papers in their language arts classes or how to write papers in their history classes. This makes it a bit of a shock when a biology teacher announces the biology research paper assignment. Most students do not enter a biology class with any understanding at all as to how to write any type of research paper about a scientific topic. Unfortunately, biology teachers are usually not the best writing teachers, so they are not always the best at explaining the steps to writing the biology research paper. Here are a few tips to help you get your first biology research paper written and earn a top grade on the project, too:

  • Follow instructions: The best advice for earning good grades on any assignment is to follow the instructions of the assignment. Be sure that you include all of the necessary components that your instructor wants in that assignment. Most instructors will provide a rubric so that students can see exactly what grade they can earn. Look at the requirements for an A and either meet or exceed them.
  • Familiarize yourself with the formatting: Research papers always require a specific formatting style. Your instructor should tell you exactly what style she wants you to use. It is a good idea to purchase and online or physical copy of the formatting guide so you know exactly what to do with the title page, in-text documentation, and bibliography. You will also know what information needs to go in what paragraph and in what order in the paper. Instructors will often reduce grades because their students did not follow the proper format for the research paper.
  • Conduct quality experiments: If you need to conduct an experiment, be sure you use the scientific method as directed by your instructor. If you try to cut corners, your instructor will be able to tell and you will lose points.
  • Use quality sources: Most biology research papers do require the use of sources. It is important that you are picky about your sources. The Internet is full of sources that are not crafted by experts, but by people who know very little about any given topic. When you are creating a biology research paper, you should get your sources from academic databases that have already vetted the good sources from the bad.

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