Creating A Research Paper On Romanticism In Literature: 10 Great Ideas

Are you in the process of creating a research paper on romanticism, but are struggling to come up with an idea you would be happy to write on? Perhaps by taking a few tips and ideas into consideration you’ll be able to find a topic that will truly interest you. With that thought in mind, read on for 10 great ideas:

  1. Compare Two Schools
  2. The topic of romanticism has two different schools of thought, which are American and English. The branches of literature, art and music all have different perspective when it comes two these different schools. Try writing a research paper that compares both of these styles, and what makes them unique.

  3. Development Of The Movement
  4. You could write a piece on how the movement of romanticism has developed over the years. Right from the start of the nineteenth century to modern times.

  5. Cultural Changes
  6. You could examine how the movement of romanticism has changed the cultures that it was most involved in.

  7. Poetry
  8. One of the main pillars of romanticism is poetry. You could do a topic on what poems prove to be the most popular to help push the romanticism movement.

  9. Leaders Of Romanticism
  10. Finding out who the key players in the movement of romanticism are is always an interesting topic. You could write a piece on the top 3 people that were responsible for the bulk of the movement.

  11. Opposition To Romanticism
  12. You could do some research on the main parties that were opposed to romanticism. Provide reasons for why the opposition took place, and what effect it has caused on the movement.

  13. Neoclassical Vs Romanticism
  14. The period of time before romanticism was the neoclassical period. You could write a research paper on how the two periods of time contrasted each other.

  15. Industrial Revolution
  16. Examine the role of the industrial revolution on romanticism, and how it impacted the content of the poems that were created. Give reasons for why the industrial revolution had such a significant impact on romanticism.

  17. Key Characteristics
  18. You could write about the characteristics that made romanticism stand out from the rest of the movements.

  19. What Role Women Played
  20. The role of women in romantic literature was significant. Try taking the 3 most popular women of the romanticism movement, and write about their contributions.

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