The Key Elements Of A Good Research Paper About A Financial Crisis

A research paper is defined as the scholarly writing developed by a college student in order to get a diploma or a degree from a university. These are comparatively lengthier reports which deals with elaborated essays, analysis, experimentation, statistics and results based on a particular problem or a subject. In other words it is the final product done by a student in his academic curriculum.

The structure of your analysis report must be prepared as per the rules and guidelines of the concerned university. The general format for a term paper does not vary but the writing styles, formatting techniques and editing strategies depend on the university rules

Key elements of a financial crisis paper

The term paper about financial crisis should contain the following sections:

  • Title page: the title regarding the type of financial crisis you are analyzing in detail must be furnishing on the title page. You can include the college/ institution name, name of the university, your staff in charge and personal academic data on the cover page of the report.
  • Table of contents/ Index: enlisting of the major subheadings and subtitles falls under this category. It makes easier for the readers to navigate through different sections without any confusion.
  • Introduction: the entire essence of your work is summarized in this category; it deals with which financial category you are analyzing, its importance and the relevant data.
  • Method of data collection: the methods or strategies used to collect the data for the completion of the analysis is portrayed in this section.
  • Analysis: based on the materials collected, an elaborated study in the financial crisis is done in this section. Usage of relevant graphical representations, statistics, case studies and illustrations can be included in this section.
  • Result: after conducting the analysis and experimentation on the topic, the output obtained must be furnished in this section.
  • Conclusion: it is formed based on the results obtained after thorough research and you must come into a proper conclusion. The idea of including this section is to enlighten the readers about the analysis of a particular financial crisis and its possible solution. It normally serves as a point of exit as far as your report is concerned and you have to restate the major points derived from your findings.
  • Bibliography: enlisting the resources and books referred during your report work.

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