Winning topics for a research paper in math

Math research papers are not commonly assigned, which is why students have difficulty finding a winning topic. Since most research papers are persuasive and math is not controversial, combining a persuasive or argumentative research paper with math class does not lend itself to quick decisions about topics. This means that many research paper topics are more informative than persuasive. Fortunately, there are a few topics that will make it easier for math students to write a successful research paper.

Recent discoveries: It might seem like there is nothing that could possibly be new in the world of mathematics, but this is far from the truth. New math discoveries may not happen every day, but they happen enough that they could be revealed in a research paper for a math class.

Math and spying: Math is a useful communication tool for international spying. Creating math-based languages allows countries to use codes to keep the enemies from intercepting and understanding those messages. People are always needed to create the codes and to break them, too.

Math-related crises: The recent mortgage industry create a significant amount of chaos in the United States and around the world. Research papers based around the mortgage crises and the deciding factors for interest rates and the time lines that are assigned to those loans.

Game theory: While this is a complicated area of math, it can be a highly rewarding topic to research. Games have taken over so many aspects of our lives. We play them to relax. We use them in education. Companies make a serious amount of money each year releasing new games and updating traditional ones. Students can write about how game theory is applied outside of the world of play and how businesses, governments, and educational institutions are changing the way the theories are applied.

Famous people and up-and-comers: In the world of math, there are many famous people that have made a big difference. There are also new names who are working hard to make a difference in the field of study, too. Writing about famous people in the world of math can be a interesting topic, whether you are simply writing an informative piece or you want to convince a reader that those math celebrities should be studied in school.

Search engines and math: All search engines use math to get the websites you need quickly and accurately. The evolution of search engine math can be rather fascinating and worth the time it takes to write a winning math research paper.

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