In Search Of A 5th Grade Research Paper Example On The Web

Fifth grade is where the real magic happens, I believe, as a teacher of some 25 years of experience. Now, what is great about the fifth grade is students begin learning more challenging things. Writing becomes more advanced and math becomes more advanced as well.

While fifth grade is full of beautiful challenges, you may find it is overwhelming at times—all the new information you are receiving.

For the first time, you might be required to write a real essay and do not know what to do.

First, Let Me Tell You The Must Knows for a Great Fifth Grade Essay

What is an essay really? An essay is typically your insights plus research. You explore a NARROW area of your unique interest and tell your teacher your insights plus research.

So, let’s say you love love love dolphins and you hope one day to go swim with them. Perhaps you can find a narrow topic within the topic of dolphins that you could address in a short essay.

What you do not want to do is just say—I’ll write about dolphins. Dolphins is a huge subject! Do you mean dolphin intelligence? Dolphins’ habits? How Dolphins Mate? How Dolphins Feed? The personality of Dolphins

See, you need a narrow area to focus on. Dolphin communication would be a good topic, but it is still large. One way to narrow down wide topics is to look at only the most recent research upon them. Then, you could call your paper something really advanced like “New Research into Dolphin Communication” or “New Theories on Dolphin Intelligence and Communication.”

Second, Try Reading Example Student Essays on the Web

If you are going to read sample essays, you want to make sure they are quality essays, right? You want to make sure these are A+ quality essays that have all the elements of writing that a good essay should, such as a thesis statement, and a proper flow from the introductory paragraph, to the evidence body paragraphs, to the closing paragraph, right? So, in any sample you look at, make sure you can identify all of these elements.. Without them, you do not have a true essay.

Try this Trick

One trick is to look up “A plus essays by Fifth Graders,” or “Award winning Essays By Fifth Graders.” This will work splendidly.

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