A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics About Immigration To The USA

Immigration is one of those subjects that is going to start an argument. No matter what side you support, for or against, then there will always be someone who is against you.

Basically there are three general areas to discuss when using contemporary immigration as a topic.

  1. Benefits and costs for the country
  2. Legal entry into the country
  3. Illegal entry into the country

And each of these can be further broken down into Pros and Cons.

Another possibility for discussion in your work is historical migration. Unless your teacher has specified modern subjects there are a vast range of topics for a country based on colonization.

Any combination of these areas is sure to produce work that is both appealing to the reader and inspires your work. Whichever side you wish to talk about, make sure you have strong arguments that are backed up by solid and reliable evidence. Just make sure you give you give yourself plenty of time to sort out your evidence and make your case.

Benefits and Costs

  1. Migrant farm workers
  2. Effect of illegal workers on the job markets – do they take away jobs from citizens?
  3. How do legal migrants affect the job markets – is there depreciation in wages?
  4. Untaxed Wages of illegal migrants
  5. Highly skilled migrants bring their training with them
  6. The cost to the school system
  7. Construction industry and undocumented aliens

Legal Entry

  1. Black migration
  2. Refugee status
  3. Is there social value?
  4. Do we need better health screening for all migrants?
  5. The social rather than economic value of migrants in the workplace.
  6. The Simon Principle – that high levels of migration needs to be maintained
  7. Competition for blue collar jobs

Illegal Entry

  1. How effective is deportation?
  2. Human sex trafficking
  3. Can port security deter illegal migration
  4. Is there a positive side to illegal migrants?
  5. Are the current laws effective in controlling illegal entry?
  6. Are there social costs?
  7. Undocumented aliens take on almost a quarter of the physically tough and dangerous jobs


  1. Waves of migration and their causes
  2. You might chose to discuss slavery
  3. Reform of immigration laws
  4. How did migrants affect the populations of various states?
  5. Ellis Island
  6. How the Department of Homeland security took over the immigration and naturalization services
  7. The 1986 amnesty for undocumented aliens

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