What Format Should You Choose for a Science Term Paper

Writing up your term paper is a very specific thing. You can just throw down words and facts and figures in any old way you feel. There’s a system to it. There’s a format you much follow. But don’t worry, we’re here for you. Simply follow these tips and you won’t stray far from the flock:

  1. Font
  2. Title Page
  3. Guidelines
  4. Bibliography
  5. Extra Notes
  • Font
  • You should firstly figure out if you are using APA, MLA or some other college system. However, in general you want to write in a clear, easy to read font. Times New Roman or Arial at size twelve is perfect for the main body of you paper.

  • Title Page
  • This is a must for APA and optional for MLA. Your title page should be flush left, but the title of your paper should be centered. Write down your name, your professor’s name, the title of your paper (centered) and sometimes the date and your course name and number. Again, stick to the same font as in the rest of your text.

  • Guidelines
  • Make sure you format your paper to the left so that all the text is flush down the left hand side. Your text should also be double-spaced and you should indent new paragraphs a half-inch or so. You should include headings at the start of new chapters. In APA the headings are centered, but sub-heading are flush left. In MLA any tables and figures are included in text, but in APA they are added in at the very end of the paper. Also remember that on every page of your main text you should include a page number in the top right. To the left of your page number you can put your name and the title of your paper.

  • Bibliography
  • Your bibliography appears at the end of the paper and lists all the books, articles, essay etc that you used or looked at while researching for your paper. Formatting for your bibliography is specific to different styles, so double check with your course manual on how to accomplish this. Make sure, however, that you alphabetize it. Start with author’s whose surnames begin with A, and end with those who begin with Z.

  • Extra Notes
  • So long as you keep your margins to the left, indent a small amount, write in TNR and throw in your page numbers, you won’t lose points for formatting. Your bibliography is tricky, but aside from that most professor’s are more concerned with what’s in the paper than how it looks. So don’t worry, just write it down and you’ll do fine.

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