Searching for Research Topics for College Papers

There are ways and means of searching for research paper topics and I'll come to those ways and means later in the article. The most important thing to understand though is that the choice of research by the topic will have a major influence on the success of your writing. Don't make life difficult for yourself. Choose a topic which you like or which excites you and watch as your enthusiasm spills over into your writing. This will impress the person reading and marking your research paper and thus boost your chances of a really good score.

But in choosing your research paper topic, not only should it be something which appeals to you but it should also be something which has depth. One of the things you will need to do in writing about your chosen topic is to show evidence of research. If you choose a topic which is shallow there is little opportunity for you to read the relevant material and thus build a case. And with a paucity of research material at your fingertips, the end result in what you write will not go well for your mark.

But where can you find good research paper topics?

If you have two or three fellow students and all of you are being called upon to write a research paper, there is no better idea than the group of you sitting around and brainstorming research paper topics. All you need is somebody recording the ideas and suggestions and this can be done using a mobile phone. Alternatively someone with a notepad and pencil takes notes.

It works quite simply. One of the group starts off by making a suggestion of a topic. Anyone and everyone then speaks aloud saying the word or words which come into their mind as a result of hearing this initial topic. Many minds create many ideas. This is a great way to discover a variety of research paper topics. Once you have a topic then of course you have to investigate them to see if you like them and that they have plenty of research material. And at least you'll have some topics in the first place.

Another source of research paper topics is the Internet. There are websites galore which go as far as listing a wide range of relevant topics. If you're looking for ideas and inspiration there are plenty of suggestions available. Here are a few.

  • The drinking age should be lowered allowing more teenagers to legally consume alcohol.
  • Is it a good idea for all commercial airline pilots to be armed?
  • If a product can cause harm, should it be allowed to be advertised?
  • Why is there no end to war throughout the world?
  • Should it be illegal for scientists to conduct experiments on animals?

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