Creating A Proper Research Paper Title Page: Things To Know

Many students struggle to create a good research paper, but they are disappointed in the end. This is because they focus only on the main composition, but not on the other elements. The truth is that if you want to be successful in this, you have to be ready to work more than usual. A good text is not enough if it is not accompanied by a title page, a bibliography and an outline. A proper title page will show professionalism and dedication, and it will leave a good impression from the very beginning. You don’t know how it is supposed to look? Then read the following instructions:

  • Choose your title after you finished the research paper. Many students think that if they write their title before the text, they will get inspired and they will have a starting point. Actually, the content might change as you write and in the end, the name that you chose for your paper will not be relevant at all for the topic. After you are done with your text, you can choose something suitable and connected to your subject.
  • Use the same font for this page, but make it bigger. It would look completely strange if your entire paper is written with one font, and only this page would be written with a different one. Try to keep it simple and classic; this is not the moment to use some fancy letters that are more suitable for a friendly letter.
  • Don’t go into too much detail. This is meant to be a very short presentation of the following paper, not a resume. This means that it needs to contain the tile, your name, the name of your professor and the course. If you want, you can add something else like the name of your school and the date, but this is not always required. It’s better to ask your professor what does he want to see on this page, just to make sure that you fulfill his requirements.
  • Avoid any mistakes. If you make a mistake in the body of your paper, it is acceptable. However, if you have mistakes on the very first page your teacher will be very severe when he will correct your composition. This means that you could not pay attention from the very beginning.

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