Organizing papers in different disciplines

There are some things about writing, particularly in the academic world, which are universal. These things include the obvious facts such as excellent research, the proper structure, the ideal content and following all the requisites of your lecturer or college.

But within the academic world of writing there are different disciplines and creating work does mean that there are different expectations, particularly as far as organization is concerned, depending on the discipline in which you are working. It is your job to know what expectations and requirements go with each discipline. This article points out some basics in this area.

One of the most common types of essay a college student will write will be the persuasive essay in which the student is required to persuade the reader that a certain point of view is valid. In this type of essay the discipline requires you to concentrate on the thesis statement and organize what follows in your writing with a point at the beginning of each paragraph. You begin each paragraph with a certain main point.

As each paragraph develops, you expand upon the point you made at the beginning. You are building towards a climax, which, in this case shows that you have demonstrated the validity or truth of your thesis statement. This type of organization operates in a variety of disciplines in academic writing. But be aware that it certainly exists.

Science is not the same

But this is where a different discipline activates a different set of requirements. So if you are required to produce a paper in the area of science, a different discipline applies here and you will organize your papers and thoughts accordingly. Almost all essays or reports in a scientific paper will have you producing prose in the past tense. This is because you have conducted experiments and you are relating what has happened in the past.

There will be a particular way in which you present your scientific report or paper. If other students have been involved in the scientific experiments, then they need to must be listed as co-authors of the project.

And your aim in writing will be with an assumption that the readers have a basic understanding of science and in particular the topic you are tackling. These are different disciplines and require different approaches to organizing and presenting your papers. For certainty always consult your supervisor or tutor beforehand.

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