Planning and writing a research paper on any topic

A good research paper can determine your grade for the class

You must have noticed during your academic career that written assignments tend to take a big part of your entire grade for the course. Teachers and professors leave a lot of points for checking your writing skills.

Especially it can be seen on the research paper tasks. A research paper is usually a massive project, which takes a lot of time and effort and resembles a high percent of your score. Why so? It is quite simple. A research paper not only reveals your writing and formatting skills, it also involves practical approach to the problem, carrying out the research itself. That is why it is absolutely necessary to plan both research and writing the paper.

2 stages you need to pass to have a finished research paper:

  1. Conducting an academic research.
  2. Writing an actual paper.

Of course, finishing both stages will take you a significant amount of time and will involve visiting the library and spending a lot of time reading the materials you have found. Don’t leave your research paper for the last days.

Follow these guidelines and you research will not bring you any trouble.

When carrying out a research:

  • choose an interesting topic. The topic shall be of interest to both you and the possible audience. Find a challenging research question.
  • learn how to choose sources. Carefully read the received instructions, make sure you are aware about the number, type and publishing date of the sources you are allowed to use.
  • use various sources. Do not lock yourself in the journals section or avoid visiting library at all. Using sources from both library and Internet will raise a chance of a better impression from your paper.
  • take notes when you read. It is impossible to keep everything in mind, especially if you read tons of books. Always note the source, page and the idea you took from the source. Use sticky notes to combine the ideas easily.

When writing a paper:

  • think of an outline. This will help you to organize and make sure your ideas are logically connected. write with drafts. Never turn in the first draft of your paper. You will for sure find a lot of mistakes and things to add when revising what you just wrote.
  • check the formatting and citing style. It is usually pretty specific and takes a significant part of the grade. Find the guidelines online and make sure your paper corresponds to them.

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