Expert Hints on how to Write an Introductory Paragraph for a Research Paper

Introductory paragraphs can be tricky. Many students are of the belief that the introduction must be written before they can move on to the body of the paper. But this is simply not true. In many cases successful writers put off the introductory paragraph until the body is complete. The reason being that the introduction combined with the conclusion is meant to frame the argument or the body of your text. By writing the body first you know what you need to frame. Consider this introductory paragraph on the Dodd Frank Act:


The Dodd Frank Act was a solution which offered practical effects on the banking industry, particularly on home mortgages, subprime lending, the marketing of low quality debt, new regulatory power of the government, predatory lending, and increased capitalization requirements. This was created in an effort to end government bailouts.

The Dodd-Frank Act was signed into law on the twenty first of July, 2010 by President Obama. The act provided the largest changes seen in the financial sector since the measures taken during the Great Depression. It would affect every aspect of the financial service industry within the United States.

There were many legal and financial criticisms which argued that the reforms did not prevent another financial crisis nor did they prevent another bail out. The regulations which were implemented, covering capital investment changes the definition of accredited investors. The act regulated hedge funds as well as capital investments. Now all public companies on CEO had to report compensation data and employee pay ratios.

It was Chairman Chris Dodd who proposed the act in the Senate Banking Committee and Barney Frank in the House of Representatives (Rouse, 2011). There are provisions included to cover financial stability, as well as the transferring of powers to the FDIC, and the Fed. There are also provisions which address insurance, improvements to regulation, transparency and accountability for Wall Street (Rouse, 2011). The Act covers the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, the Federal Reserve System Provisions, and improving access to mainstream financial institutions.

There remain controversies associated with the Dodd Frank Act. Some worry that it will stifle Financial Industry along with global economy. Others are concerned that it will put US Banks (and economy) at a competitive disadvantage with other nations. It was also raised that financial Innovation is likely to circumvent much of the protections, that talent leaves regulated areas to unregulated areas, and most importantly that there are hidden costs of the regulation.

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