Good topics for research paper can guarantee you a good grade

If you are completing a research paper and looking for a good grade, you should make sure that what you write is something that you know. You don’t want to write on a topic that you don’t have any passion for otherwise it will reflect in what you produce. It is best to write on something that you truly love. You can make a research paper out of nearly any topic so long as you are able to spin it correctly.

If you are writing about news or politics you might consider writing on the following topics:

  • - Is the current Patriot Act invading the privacy of citizens or defending them?
  • - Is there really such a thing as net neutrality?
  • - How are news organizations influenced by parent companies and what does this do to influence the information that we receive as citizens?
  • - What right does an airplane passenger willingly give up when they allow themselves to be checked before they board?
  • - Is the electoral college still necessary?
  • - Do celebrities that use their popularity to stand up for a cause hurt the cause or help it?
  • - How should current copyright laws be altered in order to address the impact that current technology has had?

If you are going to write a paper about an environmental service and you want a good topic to use consider the following options:

  • - What effect does urbanization have on the natural parts of the world?
  • - How has climate change affected the intensity of natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes?
  • - Is it possible for the agricultural biotechnology industry to exist within the environment as it stands today?
  • - Is daylight savings still necessary?
  • - How does our dependency on oil from overseas influence our international policies?
  • - Should vehicle manufacturers be charged for making their cars energy inefficient?
  • - Is the extinction of an animal a bad thing?
  • - Should stores charge their customers for the shopping bags used to reduce waste like they do in Europe and Africa?
  • - What steps could be taken to make nuclear energy safer than it is now?
  • - Is wind energy truly effective and practical?

If you are writing on education there are many topics you can consider including the following:

  • - Is it still necessary for teachers to teach cursive?
  • - Should summer vacation be eliminated in exchange for a year round school year?

Any of these topics are perfect for a good research paper that will guarantee you a good grade.

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