Looking for a Proofread Example of a Research Paper

  • There Are Science Papers Everywhere - On Everything Possible
  • Science is one of those subjects where you can write about so many interesting things that really interest you. You can write about the wonders of the stars, for example, as some scientists say that human beings are actually made of stardust. If you’re studying animal biology in your class you can talk about how dolphins or whales communicate with one another. You can talk about bioluminescence in certain marine life that makes it glow underwater—and you can take underwater dives in a dark blue sea and look at light-up turtles. You could write about saving our coral reefs before it is too late and there are no more turtles to glow.

  • So Finding Papers is Easy
  • You can find all kinds of articles on all of these topics on the internet—but these web pages do not at all resemble the paper that you need to write. The paper you need to write needs to be an academic essay—and a well written one to boot. And the trouble with all the articles in the library is that they were written by scientist and doctors with PhDs wbo are writing at a very high level of diction that you do not need to achieve—your writing style does not need to be that complex and elevated.

  • What You Need Are Sample Student Essays—But Good Ones
  • When you search for essays about science related topics, try looking at scholastic websites. You also want students’ essays that are about the same length as your essay needs to be.

    What you do not want to try to locate is an author using the same subject matter – especially if you feel you might plagiarize them. You want to invent your own paper and make it your own with your own choices about research and structure, right? Your own words.

  • A Trick To Locate Really Quality Essays
  • Every year, students enter essay contests all over the nation, at all kinds of schools. You might want to look up “State writing contest science essay winner” or “national writing contest winner in science.”

    You can even look up a “writing contest winning essay in APA format” that you can use as a model.

  • Try Writing Centers
  • Writing centers from respected universities also feature good samples as well.

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