Academic writing tips-organizing time efficiently

Anyone who is involved in academic writing needs to understand the importance of efficiency, in organizing their time sensibly and well. There are a number of practical steps you can take to become a better organizer of time. And the snowball effect when you become good at organizing time is that you work easier, faster and more productively. Everyone writing college essays and the like will appreciate those benefits.

Here are some simple steps and philosophies to help you become better at handling time.

  • forget about rigid timetables
  • concentrate on the goals
  • make plans on a daily basis
  • learn to love your lifestyle

People who go about setting up rigid timelines and worry that they have not completed the task by a set date or time, are less likely to enjoy what they are doing. The whole point is that you are in charge of your life and life is for living. Yes, you have to complete your current essay or essays but you will never do so or at least never enjoy doing so if you are ruled by a rigid timetable. Become flexible.

Make a list of your goals as far as your academic writing is concerned. Write them down. Keep them somewhere where you can refer to them easily and often. You sort out your time allocation according to your goals. Your goals become the carrot which leads you to manage your time. If you are desperately keen to get a high grade in a particular essay and that goal is prominent in your thinking, that will lead you towards a better time management.

It's great to have a timetable, one which is not too rigid or which controls you, but it needs to be constantly updated. Having a timetable to work on an essay for say 4 to 6 weeks and reach various milestones along the way is great. But the best form of time management happens when you make plans on a daily basis. This is micromanaging your time efficiency. By all means have the broad picture but do not neglect the day-to-day operations.

If the work you are doing is something about which you are passionate, it is so much easier to arrange the time needed to do what needs to be done. This surely points to you choosing topics to work on which appeal to you. This is not going to happen with every activity but wherever possible, choose themes or subjects which you enjoy and want to work on.

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