Effective Term Paper Topic Ideas You Should Feel Free to Use

When you are writing a term paper there are many topic ideas you can use depending on your course or subject.

Consider the following examples and see if anything strikes you:

  • Biology topics:
    • Gene therapy
    • Cancer
    • Mutations
    • Radiation
  • Leadership topics:
    • Does being a good business leader translate to a good political leader
    • The impact leaders have on profits
    • Whether regular training for leaders leads to a better work environment
    • How leaders can set up an office space to increase productivity
  • Psychology topics:
    • The creation of judgment
    • Media violence and how it impacts children
    • Different parenting styles and which is better
    • Social gender roles and their psychological impact
  • Education topics:
    • Are there benefits to requiring the parent teacher meetings?
    • Should college admissions change their acceptance criteria to something beyond test scores?
    • Does affirmative action work in college admissions?
    • Should scholarship awards change their criteria? If so what criteria should also be included?
  • Economic topics:
    • The effects that gambling has on local economics or state economies
    • Immigration
    • Domestic poverty
  • Sports topics:
    • After Jeff Gordon won for the fifth consecutive time at Indy, many people felt he should retire. Take a stance in this debate.
    • Should homosexual athletes be allowed to compete in professional sports games? Why or why not?
    • Should an athlete’s sexual preference play any role in sports?
    • Is it worth the $1.3 billion spent on uniforms, logos, etc… for sporting events? Should this money be spent elsewhere?
    • Should attacking be penalized in a game?
    • Does the world cup cause more political and economic harm than good?
  • Political topics:
    • Should democracy or autocracy be supported?
    • Discuss the events that created the Great Compromise
    • Take a stance either for or against: Abortion
  • Film topics:
    • The roles played by African Americans in motion pictures
    • Archetypes in different films
    • Direction films versus television
  • Nursing topics:
    • Should people be required to know where their food came from?
    • Given the conditions that farm animals are subject to is it considered unethical to eat meat?
    • Should students be required to take drug tests in school?
    • Would be beneficial from a health standpoint to legalize marijuana?
    • Should the government require a health tax to be placed on sugary drinks?

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