How to Write an Observation Paper: Start from Finding an Example


An observation paper is exactly what is sounds like. You observe something and write about it. It may sound easy and in a way it is, however sometimes it can be a bit harder than that. There are certain things you must do in order to do this kind of paper correctly. Also fining an example of such a paper online might help you to see how to format it and where to put that information.


What to do

  • First choose a topic, something to observe
  • Observe this topic well and do research
  • Prove a point about your observation
  • Choose a Topic
  • When choosing a topic you will want to find something that can be written on well, something with a lot of potential for writing. You can choose a historical topic or a person or even an item to observe. Just make sure what you pick has a lot to write about so that you will not be lacking information.

  • Observe and Research
  • Once you have chosen your topic you must do research and make observations about the topic. For example if you pick George Washington you would research him and observe what he did and why for your essay. If you choose a specific kind of animal it is the same. Research and make observations about it like how it mates. Does it lay eggs? Does it give birth? How does it hunt? Things like that would be your observation about the topic. These observations would be the foundation for your paper.

  • Prove a Point
  • Here is where you would prove a point about what you have observed. Was Washington a good president? Does the animal you chose have something that makes it special and unique? Did the person do something that caused a certain effect? This point will be the likely conclusion to your paper. Make sure that this point stands up as well. It must be true, or possibly a personal opinion, but you must be able to back it up with the facts.

Writing an observational essay can be quite simple if you have the right tools. Get as many examples as you want to. These examples may even help you to pick a topic. Just make sure that you don’t use them too much and all of the work is completely your own.

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