What Are the Main Requirements for Relevant Philosophy Term Paper Topics

A philosophic paper is different in many ways. There are some grammar rules that can be broken in these, because of the nature, they can make the paper confusing. It does not mean though to ignore grammar, but look at how and what you are saying. Because of this, the topic needs to be something you can defend and argue very effectively. The philosophy term paper topics need clear identification and the paper has to be strong.

  • Instructions
  • A clear idea
  • Refer in some way to what the class covered
  • The five schools
  • Use the “Nature Of” concept


In every case, the instructions given by the professor will have to be followed. These instructions will cover what areas the essay may be written about. There is usually a foundation that they are built off from. Even though most of the time there is some leniency it will not be very wide.

A clear idea

The topic must present a clear idea of what the writer thinks and believes. It is also on a subject the student can write effectively and clearly about. Because of the persuasive nature of a philosophy term paper, the topic needs to be within the student’s ability to write.

Refer in some way to what the class covered

It does not matter if you are writing about what is on your list or your own ideas. What does matter is if your instructor allows you to write other than the list. The topic is related in some way to what was discussed in class. All papers are associated to what the class covered. Do not get away from that. Look for points that relate to your class discussions and studies.

The five schools

Any philosophical essay topic needs to originate from one of the five schools of philosophy.

  • Metaphysics - study of reality
  • Epistemology - theory of knowledge
  • Ethics - principles of right and wrong, moral concepts
  • Logic - study of reasoning the right way
  • Aesthetics - theory of the nature of art

If your term paper does not, this will affect the grade. Always choose one and stay with it through your paper.

Use the “Nature Of” concept

Philosophy is the study of the nature of things in the world. Using this concept, which does not mean it has to be said, brings it easier to do. There are many ways to say this concept without always just saying it. Use the topic to explain why this is the nature of that subject.

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