10 Compelling Topic Ideas For A Research Paper

Even when two students take the same topic, no two research papers are the same.  Every student puts their own twist and views on the research paper they are writing.  While the topic is the same, everything on is different. Because no two students think or write alike.  So when it comes to searching for a compelling topic that is worth writing here is a list of ten that any student can write about.  Without fear of copying someone’s paper or not having your own brilliant topic.

Top Ten Compelling Ideas/Questions

  • This first idea is: Should motorized vehicles be allowed in national parks?  This paper would allow the student to research how ATVs, snowmobiles and other gas powered transportation devices impact the land that is supposed to be preserved in the nation.
  • The second question a student can look at is: Does having a drinking age limitation really impact the use of alcoholic beverages?  The student can discuss the pros and cons of having a drinking age and what impacts that it has.  
  • The third idea is about global warming.  This topic is one that seems to be extremely relevant to the current situation in the world, and can be looked at in various manners.  One way is discussing any impacts or relationship to the natural events that are occurring.
  • A fourth idea looking at childhood obesity.  Asking whether or not it’s a societal fault or a parental one.  This could be looked at in ways of fixing it, changing it or finding a cause.
  • A fifth idea is for the student to answer: Is the government prepared for a deadly disease outbreak?  With the recent cases of Ebola in America, the student search the ways the government are ready for any possible outbreak?
  • A sixth idea is to examine the way society relies on technology.  An in-depth look at how handheld devices i.e. tablets, cell phones have taken the world by storm.  Looking at the latest way that the device is overtaking society norms.
  • A seventh idea: How the cooperative behaviors evolved in the human species?  A look at how the human went from one for all to all for one.  The student can then make a conclusion about the future of the species.
  • The eight idea is for the student to answer: How long can a human live?  The student can look at how science has extended the human lifespan over time. And attempting to figure out how long they can continue to extend it.
  • Idea nine, is for the student is to look at what the big picture is for studying the biological data of undersea life. The student can see what they research can determine about the frontier that is left on earth to study.
  • The final and tenth idea for a compelling question is: What can and should replace oil?  This topic has been broached before, but can be looked out for the needs of more cost effective resources.

Using these ideas for topics can really help any student with the first step of creating a great research paper.  They do not have to worry about others taking their topic, because these topics can be looked at in different views.  

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