How Do You Write a Research Paper in APA Format?

APA format is the format used by most colleges, so it becomes a part of your life during that time.  You use it for everything and after you use it so many times you become an expert on it like I am.  Here I will tell you how to properly format your research paper in APA style.

Parts Of The Paper

  • The first thing you need to do before you even start the paper is make sure you font is Times New Roman 12pt, has one inch margins, and it is double spaced.  This is the standard set up for APA format.
  • The next thing you want to do is making a running heading for you paper.  This will appear at the top of every page on the right with the page number.
  • Now it is time to begin the title page, here you will put your title, name, and schools name all centered on the page.
  • After you make you title page, begin a new page, this will be your abstract.  The abstract of your paper in you introduction of what the reader will read.  So you want it to catch their attention and make them want to continue reading.
  • Starting a new page, you will start your body of the paper.  This is where you layout all of your research on the topic you are working on.  You want this to be organized with a beginning, middle, and end like a story.  Setting it up like this will keep research organized and less confusing.
  • And the last part you must include in your APA paper is you references.  This is to be in alphabetical order and us must use APA format.  It should look like this: Author last name, first name initial. (Date of Work). Title of work . Retrieved from book name or URL.

If this is still confusing, there are websites you can use, where you just put in the information and they make the citations for you.  I used them a lot during and they are accurate.

APA format is not hard to use and once you use it so many times you become pretty familiar with how it should look.  APA format makes you paper look professional and I think that is why instructors like using is so much.  It makes your work easy to read and grade as well.

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