Psychology Research Paper Format: Basic Requirements

What is the importance of a format?

Formatting your paper is very important because it gives a very professional look. It increases the present ability of your paper and gives a formal look. Most of the academic papers are formatted in one of the standard formatting method. It helps the professor in locating certain things in your paper and reduces confusion. What should psychology students use?

If you are a student of psychology then it is most likely that your teacher will ask you to format your paper in the APA style. APA stands for American Psychology Association and usually science subjects follow this method for formatting your research paper. It is a standard format across the globe and does not vary among different institutions.

  • The features of APA style
  • The name might seem tough to students who have not used the formatting methods before. However, formatting a paper in APA style is easy. All you have to do is follow a few specifications in MS word document. Below are the prominent features of APA style formatting.

  • The font to use
  • Ideally you should use the times new roman font with 12 point size. However, any font, which is readable, would do.

  • Margins
  • You should have one-inch margin on both ends of a standard paper

  • The format
  • An APA style essay or paper follows a certain format. Title page followed by an abstract and then the references. The title page has a running header, your name, date and professor name if they have asked you to. The abstract is the extract of your research and should be no longer to 150-200 words. The references portion is where you cite all the sources that you have quoted in your paper and any ideas that were taken during the research.

  • Bibliography
  • All the references that you use in your paper should be included in the bibliography. If you quote something from a book or journal, you need to mention its name, its author, and the year of publication. You cannot miss any reference in the bibliography portion. It is a good practice to go through your paper from beginning until the end and double check that all the references are cited.

These are all the important features of the APA style. Remember that if your professor has given you certain instruction you need to follow them closely.

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