How to write a college term paper: a step-by-step approach

What makes a good term paper?

There are different ways of finishing the course or semester on a subject. Usually it is determined by the professor or teacher. One of them is writing a term paper on a topic, mentioned during the course. It is popular among teachers, as it solves several problems at once: checking the students’ knowledge, taken from the subject, research abilities, writing and formatting skills and many more. Therefore, it is vital to make sure your term paper resembles all of your skills the best possible way. Have troubles with it? Don’t worry, we will walk you through.

4 steps to write a term paper in college:

  1. Learn your professor. Sometimes it is quite hard to predict the grade even if your term paper is ideal. It can depend a lot on you and your professor. Make sure you know what exactly the professor wants to see in your paper, as he is the one who will assess it. Usually teachers have scheduled office hours, feel free to use them and ask all the questions you have until it becomes absolutely clear. Don’t risk your grade.
  2. Think about your topic. Choosing a topic is a very important part of the paper. Here are some useful tips:
    • write about something you like. Try to choose the topic you personally like and you will wonder how easy it is to talk about it.
    • make sure it is appropriate. Take a look through the class notes and find the mention of your topic in the lecture. It is easy to lose points, if you did not study this in class, even if it seems related to the subject.
    • check if it is doable. You may find yourself the most interesting topic, but will get into trouble finding the sources to support your thoughts.
  3. Collect data. Start your research and try to find as many sources as you think necessary. Don’t forget to make notes of what you read to easily find that interesting thought you “have definitely seen somewhere”. Make sure your sources relate to the topic.
  4. Write the paper. After completing all the preparations start the actual paper with going through the formatting style guidelines and paper requirements. Try to write at least one rough draft to be able to take one more look at your accomplishment and change what you don’t like. Edit and proofread your final draft to make sure some accidental mistakes won’t prevent you from getting the highest possible grade!

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