Interesting Music Topics for a College Research Paper

Music affects people in many different ways. It is very important to a lot of us. Music is used in many different facets and aspects in our lives. Music is used in movies, commercials, and as entertainment. If you are required to write a college research paper on an interesting music topic, you may need a little help determining what topic to write about.

You will have to write many research papers in your education. It is the main way of allowing students to express what they have learned and to get them thinking more in depth about a topic. Here are some topics that you can write about that are sure to spark your interest and the interest of your audience. It is much easier to spend countless hours writing about a topic that you care about than to struggle through one that you don’t.

One of the main topics to consider is “how music influences people”. We all know that music influences many individuals and knowing how exactly it influences people is an interesting topic to explore.

  • - How background music affects a person’s attention- in horror movies, suspense is increased as the music starts getting faster.
  • - How music affects the mood-have you ever been in a bad mood until your favorite song came on the radio or blared your favorite break up music after a bad break up?
  • - How music helps children remember-one of the first songs you learned as a kid is essential in your everyday life. Where would you be without your “ABC’s”?

Another topic for your music research paper could be in relation to cultural influences, historical influences, or music’s influence on society.

  • - Advances in technology as it relates to music-how has the advances in technology affected how we receive and make music?
  • - Evolution of music-this can pertain to the evolution of different genres over time or the evolution of one genre over the ages

You can also do your research paper on important composers or important musicians. This will give you the option of learning more about your favorite composer or musician. You can learn about what inspired them. It will make you appreciate the music that you love even more.

Make sure to choose a topic that is interesting to you. If you are interested in the topic, it will be a lot easier to write and you may even enjoy it.

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